Hand-Tied Extensions

The beaded weft is a type of track style of extension, with the use of hand-tied wefts to create the most natural look of any hair extension style. No tape, glue, or heat needed for this look! This method is great for those with wants of longer, more voluminous, hair.

Our stylists go through rigorous certification standards. We provide the highest quality hair extensions that look natural, will last and won’t damage your hair. Our team is also educated on the latest trends and styling techniques, your hair will look fresh, stylish and manageable in between visits so you will look your best not only the day you leave our salon, but everyday until your next visit.

Tape-In Extensions

Tape-In Extensions are great for finer hair guests who want undetectable, beautiful results. The tape-in application sandwiches wefts of hair to your own with double sided tape which is virtually undetectable when the process is finished. The result is long, luxurious hair that looks natural and turns heads.

Tape-In Extensions can last anywhere from six to eight weeks before they need to be removed and reapplied because of new hair growth. Also, with this method your extensions can be removed and reused.


Revive is a revolutionary hair replacement system that brings new hope and confidence to women living with hair loss. Perfect for women who cannot wear traditional hair extensions, Revive allows you to have the gorgeous head of hair you’ve always dreamt of.

While thinning hair is not always caused solely by aging, age can be a contributing factor, as can hormones, genetics, and certain medical conditions or treatments. For women who struggle with thinning or balding, Revive is the solution.

Clip-In Extensions

Enhance your volume and length with maintenance free clip-in extensions. Easy to apply and comfortable to wear. Perfect for special events, weddings, dances, nights out and everyday wear. Perfect for women who do not want to wear extensions daily.

We are proud to share that our hair addition methods and products are certified by the American Hair Loss Association with high standards, weight calibrated and proper application method to be safe and effective for wear.